Hey there, I’m Nicole!

I’m a Toronto-based designer who enjoys travelling, going on adventures and eating aaaallllll the food! 

Ever since working as a designer at an event and travel planning company, I’ve been really inspired to travel and make the most out of experiences. That’s been my motto ever since—putting an emphasis on experiences. That applies to myself both as a person and as a designer. I learned that one can be broke, yet rich in experiences and have a lot of stories to tell. And as a designer, I like to create designs that makes it easy, fun and puts a smile on the user. I’m currently designing at Walmart.ca, previously at ME to WE.


Drinking my usual third cup of iced coffee in one of the many, many cute coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam this May 2018.

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I also write about some of my everyday adventures at nicole-janine.me. Check it out! 🙂