ME to WE
Destination booking element

User Interface, Digital Experiences
I was tasked to take a stab at make the booking element of trips destination pages to be more user-friendly; making the key information more clear and easier to digest. I put an emphasis on price, dates and segment. To better visualize who the trip is for, I also added a photo. View current setup: here.

View Booking Element mockup

Thought process scribbles



Trips Search Results

I was tasked create a search function and its results for all ME to WE trips, with the purpose of narrowing down what trips are better suited for the traveller, while still giving the user important info like price, country and age group. The project was cut very early on, and I was only able to work on the results page.



“Book Now” Landing Page

The trips team is testing if we would drive more sales if we created a landing page that would direct consumers to book right away when all destinations are easily visible. My solution is a landing page that looks a lot more organized with minimal scroll, a departure from the current look of the trips section of, while still keeping in brand. Words by Megan Harris.

View live Book Now page at


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