WE Charity
Donation Screens

User Interface, Digital Experiences

The objective was to create an easy way for consumers at the WE store to make an impact and do good by easily donating to WE Charity via touch screens with contactless payment terminals. Found in Toronto Eaton Centre, as well as at the WE Global Learning Center. 

Inactive Landing

A video on this screen plays as an inactive state.


Donation Options

Here, a user can select how much they wish to donate to make a difference.


Donation Selected

On this screen, the user can finalize their donation selection or choose another one. If this is their final selection, they can tap on the reader on the left to finish their transaction.

Transaction Successful

This screen informs the user that their donation has been received.

View WE Donation Screen mockup


WE Charity donation screens found at the WE Store at Toronto Eaton Centre.

WE Charity donation screens found at the WE Global Learning Center.

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